Purification installation

product description

Water purification installation to clear water from sand, organic material, dirth, fungi and bacteria’s.

 Starting from 6 m3/hour.

 Polluted water from the washing machine flows over a filter plate, to seperate organic material from the water.
The (dirty) water is collected below the filter plate, it is pumped to a main tank of approximate 8 m3.
At the bottom of the main tank, a pump will suck the water out of the tank and will push the water through a cyclone.
The cyclone will seperate most of the sand from the water. At this stage the water is clean enough to re-use it in the washing machine.

Removing color and impurities from the water:
 The water will overflow from the maintank into a tank with a fixer. In this tank the water will be mixed with flocculant.
 Ahter this the water overflows in a settling tank. In this tank the pollution in the water has time settlen and the fine materials will stick to the flocculant. The material will sink to the bottom of the tank.
Several times the water overflows to the next compartment, after this process the water is “colourless”.
The water from the last compartment is pumped through pipelines where ozone is added. 

• After reacting with ozone, the water is free of colour, bacteria’s and fungi.
 It can be used again to wash products with clean water.

All steel parts are shot blasted, galvanized and sprayed with two component paint, which will give a high protection against water and disinfection liquids.

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