Export washer

product description

Machine is suited to wash products, to make them suitable for export.

Capacity and dimensions:
 The capacity depends on the length of the machine, running speed, pump capacity and the total number of washing sections.
 The machine is available in different dimensions.

 The product is put on the infeed belt, the speed of the belt is adjustable.
 Depending on the running speed products are washed clean, in pre-soak-, high pressure -, and after wash section(s).
 All the sections have spraybars above and below the belt, the waterpressure is adjustable to achieve the desired wash result.
Whem the products come out of the washer, they can be collected in a box or they continue their way into other components of line.

All steel parts are shot blasted, galvanized and sprayed with two component paint, which will give a high protection against water and disinfection liquids.

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