Stacking-machine for 60/40 cm boxes (all different pallet sizes)

product description

The machine is suited to stack, 1 stack of 60x40cm or 75x50cm boxes at a time and palletizes these on every required pallet size. (de-stacking optional)

± 400 boxes per hour.
 Box dimensions: 60x40cm and 75x50cm.
 Pallet dimensions: 80x60cm, 75x50cm, 120x80cm, 120x100cm, 120x120cm, 160x120cm and 150x100cm.

 1 box at a time will be transported into the stacking machine.
 The lowest box is clamped pneumatically and the entire stack is lifted up.
When the required number of boxes is reached, the stack will roll out off the machine onto a driven roller conveyor.
After transporting the stack, the machine will start stacking a new stack.
The outfed stack will be rotated (if necessary), before placing on a pallet.
A sliding arm, will push the collected stacks together on a 'slip off' plate.
When the required number of stacks for 1 pallet are collected, the sliding arm will push all the stacks onto a pallet.
The pallet is placed underneath the 'slip off' plate, so the boxes will be pushed onto the pallet without friction.

Steel part of the machine are painted in RAL 6011 colour, which is a light green colour.

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