product description

This machine is used to re-stack boxes (75x50cm), meanwhile you can remove foam.

± 400 boxes per hour.

 This re-stacker is suited for boxes of 75x50cm, it can handle 1 layer (4 boxes) at a time.
 The clamp works pneumatically, it clamps four boxes on the side.
 The stacking height is adjustable and can be entered in the control cabinet, max. 12 boxes heigh.
 On the right side a pallet wih boxes is placed, on the left side a empty pallet must be placed.
 After each stroke foam can be removed from each layer.
The machine will wait after each stroke on the left top side, every stroke needs to be started manually by pressing a button on the side of the machine.
The machine is secured with a light screen, if this screen is interrupted while the machine is working, the machine will stop. 

 When the set stacking height is reached, new pallets must be placed and the process starts all over again.
 This machine must be connected to an air compressor.

Steel part of the machine are painted in RAL 6011 colour, which is a light green colour.


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