Planting line for tulips

product description

This machine line is developed to plant tulips into boxes, this can be done by hand to completely automatic.

Capacity and dimensions: 
This depends on the machine configuration and the amount of planting positions.
Delivered for every capacity (boxes/hour) and different dimensions of boxes.

The boxes are placed by hand or automatic on the plant belt.
The planting belt has a width for 1 or 2 boxes, placed next to each other and has an variable speed motor.
The boxes are transported underneath the 1st double dosing hopper.
The double dosing hopper exists of a buffer hopper and dosing hopper.
The speed of the dosing hopper belt is variable.
Together with a regulation slide and the speed of the belt, the dosing hopper will fill the box with a layer of soil, or other filling material.
After the box passed the first hopper, the planting area starts.
The length of the planting area depends on the number of people planting and the speed of the planting belt.
After the planting area the boxes will be transported underneath the 2nd double dosing hopper.
The filling on top of the planted bulbs is done the same way as the first hopper.
At the end of the line boxes can be stacked by hand or by a stacking machine.

Belt width changeable for every dimensions of boxes.
Water dosing 1 time after planting and 1 time after putting a top layer of soil into the box.
Water, soil collecting tank.
Hopper with elevator belt next to the planting line, what will supply the soil to the dosing hopper onto the planting belt.
Soil mixer to have a more even layer into the box.
Optional stacking / de-stacking machine, in front or after the planting line.
Bulb buffer lorry or bulb buffer grate onto the planting belt, to pick the bulbs of for planting by hand.
Bulb supply system for automatic dividing the bulbs onto the boxes.
Rotating brush to clean the sides of the boxes from soil.
Automatic box emptier and transporting to the planting line.

Steel parts of the machine are sprayed with RAL 6011 paint, which gives the machine a good protection against water, soil and sand.

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