Drive-in sterilizers (Hot water treatment)

product description

Machine is suited to treat product in boxes or crates with hot water.

Capacity and dimensions:
The capacity depends on the amount boxes that need to be treated at the same time.
Available for every capacity and different dimensions of boxes.

• The boxes are placed in one side of the sterilizer.
The door of sterilizer 1 is closed, after this the liquids are transferred from sterilizer 2 to 1.
The pump will circulate the liquid, hot water is injected in the top.
A pump in combination with a heather and digital thermostat, provide a constant temperature.

The pump sucks in the front bottom of the machine, the hot water is forced from top to bottom.
This results in an even and fast distribution of temperature throughout the entire box.

In sterilizer 2, the boxes can be taken out after leaking/cooling and new boxes can be placed.
After new boxes are placed in sterilizer 2, the door can be closed.
After reaching the treatment time the liquids can be transferred from sterilizer 1 to sterilizer 2.
After leaking/cooling, sterilizer 1 can be emptied and the process starts all over again.

All steel parts are shot blasted, galvanized and sprayed with two component paint, which will give a high protection against water and disinfection liquids.


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