(Semi) Automatic packing line

product description

This machine combination is suited to pack products mixed with peat in crates.
All described steps can be done manually or automatically.

Capacity and dimensions:
Up to 400 boxes per hour.
The dimensions vary, depending on the area that is available.

Full pallets are placed on the buffer.
• The de-stacker takes all crates from the pallet, one crate at a time.
• The empty pallets are collected by a palletstacker.
The crates are transported to a trommel, where the crates are emptied on the belt which leads into the disinfection machine.
The products are disinfected in the disinfection machine.
 The empty crates follows another direction whare an empty bag is placed in the crate.
When this bag is placed, the first hopper will dose a bottom layer of peat into the crate.
The crate is transported to the filling position, where is waiting for the product. 

 When the products are disinfected, a second hopper will dose peat all over the product, before it is collected in the waiting crate.
Before the product drops into the crate, the crate is clamped. 
During the filling, the crate is shaken to devide the product with peat in the crate.
 After filling, a third hopper will dose the final layer of peat on top of the product.
 After the last layer, the crate is clamped and shaken again, to devide the peat over the product.
 After shaking, the bag is sealed and the crate can be covered with a carton top.
 In the last step of the packing, the crates are stacked on pallets.

All steel parts are shot blasted, galvanized and sprayed with two component paint, which will give a high protection against water and disinfection liquids.

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