Disinfection machine (Australia)

product description

Machine is suitable to disinfect products (mainly lilies) and pack them without soil.

Capacity and dimensions:
 Capacity depends on the length of the machine and the time the product needs to be submerged.
 Dimensions are variable, this depens on the type of products that need to be treated.

The product is deposited loose onto the feeding belt of the machine
 The feeding belt, feeds the product into/onto the desinfection belt. 
 The disinfection belt has 'carriers' which guide the product through the machine, the speed of this belt is adjustable.
 Below the output of the machine, the product lands on a belt that consist of bars. These bars are covered in rubber to prevent damage to the product.
 Behing this belt, whire mesh belts can be mounted, below these belts are shakers, they shake the product dry. The speed of these shaker is adjustable. 
• The fluids that leak of the product are collected and re-used in the disinfection machine.
 Behind the last belt, the product can be collected into a box.
 The level of disinfection liquid is measured with measuring pins. 

 A seperate tank where pesticides can be mixed to add into the machine. The tank has a seperate pump which automatically transfers liquid, when the disinfecting machine requires refilling.

  All steel parts are shot blasted, galvanized and sprayed with two component paint, which will give a high protection against water and disinfection liquids.

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